CabCueDriver and CabCueXT – Whats the difference?

CabCueDriver, is your free mobile app that allows you to receive taxi hailing jobs of passengers who are close by. It uses GPS coordinates to calculate the distance between you and the passenger and determines what drivers are best suited for a job and it sends the request out to multiple drivers. The first to accept a job will get it. CabCue also allows passengers to register their credit card so payments can be made easily with a simple tap on the app.

You can download the app form free from iTunes or Google Play Store, register, and start using it.

CabCueXT is the next step up. It combines a EFTPOS Tablet with Printer and card reader with the CabCueXT Software. So you get the actual device and the customised software loaded and ready to use. You can use it as a standalone EFTPOS machine, just as any other EFTPOS machine you may already be using. In addition it allows you the view receive taxi hailing requests directly on the EFTPOS Tablet. You don’t need to carry 3 different devices, such as a mobile phone to run the App, a separate card reader to can cards, and a separate printer for receipts. CabCueXT combines it all in one single and simple to use device.

To get your own CabCueXT simply complete the order form and we will organise a training session and provide you with a device.

CabCue Driver

CabCue XT