CabCue for Riders

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CabCue offers simple and convenient way to hail or pre-book a rideshare (economy), taxi, or luxury/hire car – with the lowest fares every day!

You can see all available drivers on the app and with a couple of taps the closes driver will be notified and a booking request sent.

You will get notified as soon as a driver accepts the job, you can track the driver approaching, and an approximate duration to arrival will be displayed.

You Choose Your Ride!
CabCue now offers Rideshare, Taxi and Luxury Car services and you can choose the type of ride you want. We are blending Rideshare with Taxi and Luxury Car Services in one app. You select the ride and if you’re lucky you may even get upgraded to luxury.

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All drivers have been verified and are registered with the transport authority. Drivers that don’t comply with our policy will be immediately inactivated.

Our app selects the closest driver for you and your ride may even get upgraded from economy to luxury depending on availability. No additional charge.

The Best Rates – No Price Surge Ever
CabCue has fixed rates per kilometer traveled or time waited. No matter if there is a high demand or not, ensuring you pay what you’d expect to pay. CabCue is your cheapest way to get around.

When registering you can save one or more credit or debit cards. At the end of your ride the fare will be automatically deducted from your preferred card or from the card you select for this ride.

CabCue is now part of a global alliance, providing services in over 35 countries.
That means you can use CabCue internationally with other networks.

At the end of the day, as a rider you don’t care about what taxi company you travel with, just want to get a cab – quickly.

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