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No matter if you’re a; rideshare, taxi, or hire/luxury car driver. CabCue is for you. This is your free mobile app that connects drivers with riders directly. If you are an Uber or Taxi driver, you can still use CabCue along any other app you currently use, and earn more income.

New Services
The last few years have seen enormous change in the taxi industry and we try to stay on top of it – and so should you. CabCue now offers services for Taxi, Hire Car and Ride Sharing, and additional services will be added, and there is a new a concierge app for hotels.

You choose the type of Jobs!
CabCue now offers Rideshare, Taxi and Luxury Car services and you can potentially offer your services to multiple types of requests – increasing your revenue. We are blending Ride Sharing with Taxi Services and Luxury Car Services that way you’re not limited to only receiving taxi requests. It’s like getting Uber jobs on your taxi app. It’s a Win-Win, for you and the passenger

CabCue is now part of a global alliance, providing services in over 35 countries.

So what’s in it for you?
You get additional jobs from travellers, and therefore more passengers. If a passenger from another country with any of the partnering app requests a ride in Melbourne, it will work exactly the same as if it is a local rider using CabCue. You accept the job and get paid just in the same way.

When registering with CabCue, passengers have to add their credit card. When booking a ride, CabCue will verify if the card for sufficient funds before the job is confirmed, making sure that you get paid and avoids any charge back. When you arrive at the destination then the actual fare is automatically deducted.

Add Toll
While the fare is calculated automatically, the app allows you to add toll or any additional charges, so you don’t miss out if you take a toll road.
At the end of a ride, simply add the additional charge to the fare and it will be deducted automatically.

How to earn more
CabCue has been around for a few yeas now and our statistics show that drivers that that keep the wheels rolling earn the most. It is not those that wait for high fares. So here is your chance to earn more, download the app and keep accepting jobs, one job will lead to another.

You can download the app form free, register now and start using it.

For iPhone: iTunes

For Android: Google Play Store

CabCueXT – Or FTPOS Terminal.

It combines a EFTPOS Tablet with Printer and card reader with the CabCueXT Software. You get the device and the customised software loaded and ready to use. You can use it as a standalone EFTPOS machine, just as any other EFTPOS machine you may already be using. Except that you get a commission on every transaction you make on out EFTPOS terminal. You receive the payment the next day into your account.

To get your own CabCueXT simply complete the order form and we will organise a training session and provide you with a device.